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    Stay tuned for more information!
    Stay tuned for more information!
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    What Our Customers Say
    I've had such a pleasant experience working with Farmer Roofing. They do amazing work & have outstanding customer service. 10/10 would recommend.
    K. Kurz, Dallas, TX
    Selling a house and finding out just prior to close that we needed a new roof set off a panic. Four days later we met our closing deadline thank to your team. Farmer is the best.
    S. Smith, Frisco, TX
    You guys are the best. I wish I hadn't been in our second hailstorm in 5 years but glad you were still around to turn to.
    K. Carchuk, Denton, TX
    I watched my neighbors horror story play out and was so thankful I had chosen Farmer Roofing. They made things a breeze.
    B. Morrison, Denton, TX
    Being new to Texas, I had never experienced a hailstorm and the damage it can do. Farmer Roofing really helped me through the process and got everything back to normal fast. I don​'t know what I would have done without them.
    J. Kimg, Frisco, TX
    Farmer Roofing has always provided excellent service to our policyholders.  I've referred Hal and his team for over 15 years. They always make us look like heroes
    K.H. Insurance Agent, Plano, TX
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