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Our team of insurance specialists will help you navigate your way through the insurance claim process and make sure you experience the outcome you are looking for.  Our crews have been with us for many years and you can depend upon them as do we.

Roofing // Gutters // Fencing // and more...

Protecting Homeowners

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Protecting Businesses

Roofing // Repair // Fluid Applied Coating

Our commercial experts can help you get your business back to normal following storm damage or simply keep your roof in tip-top shape as the years go by.  Our Fluid Applied Coatings team is a great option for businesses needing speedy repairs while looking to reduce costs!


“I've had such a pleasant experience working with Farmer Roofing. They do amazing work & have outstanding customer service. 10/10 would recommend.”

K. Kurz, Dallas, TX

“Selling a house and finding out just prior to close that we needed a new roof set off a panic. Four days later we met our closing deadline thank to your team. Farmer is the best.”

S. Smith, Frisco, TX

"Farmer Roofing has always provided excellent service to our policyholders.  I've referred Hal and his team for over 15 years. They always make us look like heroes"​

K.H. Insurance Agent, Plano, TX

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